Air Liquide Services


We offer a variety of services around our products. Together with the local customer support, the expert advice for welding, safety training and many other services, we would like to support you in your daily work.

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Online services

Use our online services easily and flexibly. For example, have the gas consultant recommend gas suitable for your application, or switch to electronic invoicing for a valuable environmental contribution.

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Training sessions

Air Liquide's safety training courses serve as a basis for preventing accidents involving gases. In our training courses you benefit from the extensive knowledge and experience of our experts with technical gases.

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Gas knowledge

Welding & Cutting

No matter whether forming, oxy-fuel or laser welding. In our Welding and Cutting section you will find an overview of the most common applications. You can also find out about the different welding processes MAG, MIG and WIG.

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Research & Analysis

Learn more about gas mixtures and high purity gases. These include test gases that are used especially for the calibration of measuring and analysis equipment. We can also put together your individual gas mixture for your special requirements.  

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Cooling & Freezing

Nitrogen and carbon dioxide (CO2) are essential for cooling, freezing or packaging food. You can find out exactly how the various gases are used in our Cooling and Freezing section.

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Bubbling & Tapping

We encounter dispensing systems for beverages in almost every restaurant. How, for example, is carbon dioxide added to the sparkling water? Which other beverage gases are used in the food industry? Answers can be found here in the area of bubbles & cones.

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Refrigeration & Air conditioning technology

Safety precautions must be observed regularly in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector. For example, leak tests (impressions) must be carried out on refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems and heat pumps to ensure that no environmentally harmful refrigerants escape from the system. In addition, evacuation (vacuum pulling) is used continuously before each start-up or after maintenance in order to remove moisture or residual gases in the circuit of an air conditioning system or heat pump.

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Wedding & Party

Whether for a wedding, a birthday party or other occasions - balloons filled with helium are always an eye-catcher! We offer helium in different bottle sizes. Discover the advantages of our ALbee™ helium bottles for your balloon decoration.

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