Helium as decoration for your wedding

Is your big day coming up this year? Then the romantic classic, ballooning, is a must. An enchanting balloon flight creates the framework for memories, for example of your first encounter with your partner or your first kiss. Do you remember?

Which decoration - apart from balloons filled with helium - can you say goodbye to heaven? What a great picture it is when the whole wedding crowd looks up at the sky and wishes you all the best for your future? Let your hearts and those of your wedding guests beat faster!

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Helium for your company event

Are you planning an open day, company anniversary, in-house exhibition, customer celebration or simply want to decorate your business with a special decoration? One possibility is the use of helium-filled balloons. The big advantage of balloons with helium gas is that the helium balloons have buoyancy and therefore rise.

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Your balloons - Our helium gas

Do you already have balloons? No problem with us you can also "only" rent the helium bottle - with all the handling advantages of our ALbee™ Fly. No matter what you need, with our service you concentrate on your celebration and customers and our balloon packages provide the highlights.


Our helium - safety & handling on site

he Helium ALbee™ Family: Small, light, big content. Try the balloon gas for special moments - child's play thanks to ALbee™ helium technology.

All ALbee™ helium bottles and their components are manufactured exclusively in Europe and promise the same highest quality and safety standards.

With the clear instructions for using the helium bottle and filling the balloon gas, the process should be easy for you. It works quite simply. If you have any difficulties, please contact us at +49 34206 57 764! After use, the helium bottle is reused. Therefore, please make an appointment with us so that we can collect the bottle from you.

Helium is classified as a harmless gas. However, the use is not completely risk-free. We therefore ask you to read the safety information (safety data sheet and instructions for use) about the helium and the gas cylinder carefully. Please make sure that the balloon neck is pressed tightly against the valve when filling so that no gas escapes.

Can be used immediately

The helium bottle with easy and fast connection. Put the helium bottle into operation with the ON/OFF lever. Place the balloon on the integrated filling valve. To refill foil balloons, place the black attachment on the filling valve first.

Easy handling

Turn the flow regulator opposite the ON/OFF lever to fill the balloon. Release the flow regulator to stop the helium flow when the balloon is full. Close the latex balloon with a knot or one of our handy fix closures. Foil balloons close by themselves.

On the safe side

Close the helium bottle with the ON/OFF lever.

No surprises

Make sure that the helium bottle is upright and secured against falling over.


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