Research & Analysis

In research and analysis, cooling gases, operating gases and carrier gases of all purity classes for laboratory and online analysis as well as special gases and calibration mixtures are used - application-specific as standard mixtures or specially configured as individual mixtures, accredited for traceable measurement results on request.


Gases for Research & Analysis

For each analytical method, from gas chromatography to the different methods of mass, absorption and emission spectrometry to nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, ultrapure gases or mixtures are offered. These are fuel and oxidant gases or plasma gases for operating thermal atomization and excitation units, zero and purge gases, inert gases, cryogenic gases for cooling NMR spectrometers or test gas mixtures for routine testing or calibration.


Test gases

Test gases or calibration gases are gas mixtures which place special demands on the purity of the basic components but in particular on the manufacturing tolerance and analytical accuracy. Test gases are used for the calibration of measuring and analytical instruments. Gas mixtures with a precisely defined composition may also be required for special processes or experimental investigations.

Individual mixtures

Individual gas mixtures consist of two or up to 40 or more components. The component proportions can vary from the percentage to the ppb range. However, the production of gas mixtures is also subject to restrictions: on the one hand due to safety reasons or on the other hand due to physical or chemical laws. This can mean that certain types of gas cannot be combined with each other or that filling pressure reductions are necessary. In such cases we will be happy to advise you directly.


Everything from a single source - Air Liquide

As a global specialist for gases, Air Liquide is a highly experienced partner of industrial research centers, public research institutions and (technical) universities as well as analytical service providers. In Germany, the Air Liquide product portfolio includes cooling gases, operating gases and carrier gases of all purity classes. We know the special challenges of instrumental analytics in a field of tension between economy, precision and speed from daily experience and years of experience. In our Research & Analytics division, we offer gas products and supply solutions for the specific needs of these segments. Do you have a short-term need for gases? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Buy gas and equipment directly online

Buy a selection of gas and related equipment to test and measure directly online and have your product delivered quickly, safely and reliably. With myGAS you have the possibility to order gases at any time - mobile or from the computer - so you are always reliably supplied with gases.


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