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A cool water with sparkling water in summer, a sparkling lemonade in spring or a cold beer at the party - drinks to which gases are added are an integral part of everyday life. Air Liquide supplies a large number of customers from the beverage industry - from the restaurant around the corner to large global companies.


Gases in beverages - argon, nitrogen or CO2?  

The expectations of food safety and quality in beverages come first. These high demands on product quality, taste consistency, the right tingling or packaging stability require expert knowledge and experience.


Gas for taps or bubbles

Gases help as many people as possible to find your drink particularly refreshing: Be it the tingling of carbon dioxide in the sparkling water or lemonade or the characteristic foam of a freshly tapped beer. CO2 not only improves the taste, but also promotes blood circulation, e.g. in the palate. This makes the palate or tongue more sensitive to aromas in beverages and stimulates the flow of saliva.


Gas during fermentation & oxidation

Gases are an important component in the production of wine and beer. Winemakers use nitrogen or CO2, for example in the form of dry ice, to prevent premature fermentation. Furthermore, food gases are used to prevent oxidation. Oxidation leads to a change in both the colour and the taste of the wine or beer. The noble gas argon can also be used here as an alternative.

Beverage gas, stability & transport

Nitrogen in particular is used to stabilize thin-walled beverage packaging, such as PET bottles. This is particularly helpful when transporting the bottles. The nitrogen builds up pressure in the container, which makes the bottles stackable and thus easier to transport. This saves costs and thus lowers the beverage price.


Carbonation & Degassing

Oxygen is sometimes added to functional drinks. Nevertheless, this gas is usually rather undesirable. In many processes, oxidation causes the quality and properties of the products to deteriorate. During the actual processing and later storage, beer, fruit juices, wine, oils or milk can be altered by oxidation. The contact of oxygen and product causes quality and shelf life as well as nutrient quality and aroma to suffer. The development of moulds and yeast or fermentation processes can also be favoured by contact with oxygen. These undesirable processes can be intensified by heat and light. Today, vacuum degassers are often purchased and used in the beverage industry. This technology is completely sufficient for filling carbonated beverages. The carbon dioxide contained ensures an oxygen-free atmosphere during the filling process. The situation is different if non-carbonated beverages are filled on such a line. The following applies: If vacuum degassing is not effective because the product comes into contact with oxygen again in the further process, undesirable effects occur. In such cases, the combination of both technologies is the right approach.
If the purchase of a vacuum degasser is pending, the degassing by means of nitrogen (e.g. tank inerting) should also be checked and both systems should be compared in a profitability calculation. In most cases, the variant with nitrogen - when considered over the entire life cycle - is often more economical. This is due to high investment costs for the vacuum deaerator, high energy costs for the vacuum pumps and the not to be forgotten maintenance effort (significantly higher for oxygen than for nitrogen).


Complete supplier Air Liquide

From protection against oxidation during production to optimised filling and packaging to serving in the catering trade: we support you with food-safe gases, well thought-out systems and services so that you can increase the efficiency and productivity of your business. With Air Liquide solutions, you can optimize your beverage production. We reliably supply gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen or argon for the beverage industry in various forms throughout Germany. Filled in steel cylinders as cylinder gas, in tanks or directly by on-site production. We also offer a wide range of reliable equipment for your application.


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Buy your gas or gas pressure regulator directly online and have it delivered quickly, safely and reliably or pick it up from one of our Air Liquide sales partners. With myGAS you have the possibility to order gases at any time - mobile or from your computer - so your welding machine will not stand still for long.

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