Cooling and Freezing 

Gases such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide (CO2) have become indispensable in the food industry. Air Liquide has been developing trend-setting solutions for safety and efficiency in the food industry for over 100 years. Our goal is to increase our customers' profitability, quality and productivity.

Whether inerting, freezing, slicing or MAP protective gas packaging: We offer products to extend product shelf life and improve food safety and quality.

Frozen gases - carbon dioxide and nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen or cryogenic carbon dioxide are suitable for cooling or freezing food. This application therefore plays an important role in the food industry. Air Liquide can provide you with suitable products for your application in the food industry.



Frozen products such as pizza, fish or meat dishes are frequently frozen with dry ice, i.e. solid carbon dioxide (CO2), at a temperature of -79°C. This enables a seamless cold chain for suppliers and consumers. In the past, the frequent opening of a refrigeration system was associated with problems. This is hardly a problem when using dry ice, because the dry ice cools the product down again within a very short time.


Cryogenic freezing with liquid nitrogen is an often used method for freezing vegetables, fruit or even for making cakes for the refrigerated shelf. Cryogenic liquefied nitrogen has a temperature of about - 196° C. The very rapid cooling down of the food prevents fruit and vegetables from getting damaged in the cell structure and thus losing their nutrients. This is no longer a problem due to the special gases used in cryogenic freezing.


Everything from a single source - Air Liquide

Our portfolio of gases and equipment covers all stages of food production, from storing raw materials to transporting the product ready for sale. More than 100 years of experience as a partner of the food industry, combined with a worldwide network for research and development - these are the ingredients for our sophisticated solutions with which you can easily comply with industry standards such as HACCP and even the latest legal regulations. We have pooled our expertise in the production and supply of food safe gases under one name: ALIGAL™

We also offer a wide range of reliable equipment for your application in the food industry.

Buy gas and equipment directly online

Buy your food gas or gas pressure regulator directly online and have it delivered quickly, safely and reliably. With myGAS you have the possibility to order gases at any time - mobile or from your computer - so you are reliably supplied with CO2 gas or nitrogen, for example.

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