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More about NITROGEN

General Informations about Nitrogen (N₂)

Nitrogen (Chemical Formula N₂) is an inert gas. 

As a major component of the atmosphere, it represents 78% of the air we breathe.

It is also found in the form of nitrates in the earth's crust, in organic form (plants...) or in ammonia in mineral form.

Air Liquide filters and purifies Nitrogen from the atmosphere and supplies it in liquid or gaseous form.

Liquefied, by cooling to -196°C (-320.8°F/77.15 K), it is colorless.

In the gaseous state, it is neutral, colorless, and non-flammable.

Applications :

Nitrogen has many applications. Here are a few examples :

Aeronautics and Automotive 

Nitrogen is used in the production of automotive parts using the gas-assisted injection molding process. It is also used for heat treatment. Nitrogen-filled tires also have a longer service life. Mixed with hydrogen (H₂), it is used for leak detection.


Nitrogen is used to chill and freeze foodstuffs or to control their temperature (deep-freezing, crusting ...). It allows the control of temperatures during transport and distribution (maintaining the cold chain).

Nitrogen preserves and protects liquid and solid foodstuffs against oxidation, and solid foodstuffs thanks to packaging under protective atmosphere (MAP) (See our range of food gases ALIGAL™).


Nitrogen is used directly in chemical processes as a carrier gas or fluidizing agent, or for temperature control and catalyst preparation. Used as a protective atmosphere, it helps to protect the quality of products and installations. It is also used in several processes in refineries and petrochemical sites: inerting, drying, purging, stirring, etc. (e.g. evacuation of oxygen and moisture present in tanks and pipelines).

Electronic components

Nitrogen allows the inerting of the atmosphere in order to avoid any oxidation phenomenon during the wave soldering or reflow soldering process. Nitrogen is used as a carrier gas for protection against impurities and oxidation during semiconductor production and soldering. (See our ALPHAGAZ range of analysis gases) 

Laboratories, Health and Research Center

Nitrogen is used for purging, drying or inerting analyzers or chemical reactors. Nitrogen is also a carrier gas for gas chromatography and quality control (See our ALPHAGAZ range). It is also a balance gas for the calibration of gas mixtures intended for the control of gaseous emissions and working environment sensors. In liquid form, it can also be used for rapid cooling, preservation and transport of tissues and cells (Cryogenics).

Metal fabrication

Nitrogen is used for heat treatment and laser cutting (See our range for Laser processes LASAL)

Supply mode :

In cylinders of various sizes, in bundles, or in liquid form, Nitrogen is available in all supply methods to suit your uses and consumption profile.

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