Ar + CO2 2 % ±0,5 %
The high-quality shielding gas for MAG welding of high-alloy materials - a brilliant shielding gas solution
MAG welding of following materials: stainless steel, high alloy steel, ferritic steel, austenitic steel, chrome, chrome nickel

arcal chrome bundle v12*50l 200 bar | REF. i2531v12r2a001

Ar + CO2 2 % ±0,5 %
Bundle | 200 bar | V12*50L | 129,60 m³

arcal chrome bundle v12*50l 300 bar | REF. i2531v12r3a001

Ar + CO2 2 % ±0,5 %
Bundle | 300 bar | V12*50L | 182,20 m³

arcal chrome cylinder 10l 200 bar | REF. i2532s10r2a001

Ar + CO2 2 % ±0,5 %
Cylinder | 200 bar | 10L | 2,20 m³

arcal chrome cylinder 50l 300 bar | REF. i2532l50r3a001

Ar + CO2 2 % ±0,5 %
Cylinder | 300 bar | 50L | 15,50 m³

arcal chrome cylinder exeltop 33l 300 b | REF. i2531l33e3a001

Ar + CO2 2 % ±0,5 %
Cylinder | 300 bar | 33L EXELTOP | 10,10 m³

arcal chrome cylinder smartop 20l 200 b | REF. i2531m20s2a001

Ar + CO2 2 % ±0,5 %
Cylinder | 200 bar | 20L SMARTOP | 4,30 m³

arcal chrome cylinder smartop 50l 200 b | REF. i2531l50s2a001

Ar + CO2 2 % ±0,5 %
Cylinder | 200 bar | 50L SMARTOP | 10,80 m³

More about ARCAL™ Chrome

More about ARCAL™ Chrome 2 % carbon dioxide in argon

ARCAL™ Chrome is one of the four premium products in the ARCAL™ Reference Line - Air Liquide's standardized product line with consistent product specifications.

Applications of ARCAL™ Chrome

ARCAL™ Chrome is the high-quality shielding gas solution for high-alloy chrome-nickel steels and stainless steels with controlled oxidizing power. Universal MAG welding - with this active gas you ensure quality and productivity in almost every welding situation.

These terms stand for ARCAL™ Chrome:

  • Materials

    • Stainless steel

    • High alloy steel

    • Ferritic steel

    • Austenitic steel

    • Chromium

    • Chromium Nickel

  • Process

    • Arc welding

    • MAG welding process

  • Properties

    • Corrosion resistant

    • Good penetration

What are my advantages of  ARCAL™ Chrome?

Use ARCAL™ Chrome for arc welding and concentrate on welding! The mixed gas gives you the reliability and simplicity you need, and as a result you get high performance and productivity. 

Your advantages in detail:

Reliability and high product quality 

  • 2 % carbon dioxide in argon

  • Complies with ISO 14175-M12-ArC-2

  • Low impurities of H2O and N2 impurities

Simplicity - optimized for your welding processes

  • Universally applicable for all welding positions 

  • Suitable for manual and automated applications 

  • Versatile application areas (examples: tank construction, vehicle construction, exhaust gas systems)

Performance and high welding quality

  • Clean weld seam with good wetting behavior 

  • Preservation of material properties and corrosion resistance through defined CO2 content 

  • Safeguarding of penetration conditions

Properties and features of  ARCAL™ Chrome

ARCAL™ Chrome has a composition of 2% CO2 in argon. The product is standardized according to ISO 14175-M12-ArC-2 and integrated in the M 12 group.

When is ARCAL™ Chrome the right product for me?

ARCAL™ Chrome is suitable for both your manual and automated gas shielded arc welding operations.

The shielding gas provides you with long-lasting corrosion-resistant welds and enables you to operate without friction.

Supply forms ARCAL™ Chrome 

ARCAL™ Chrome is available in different gas cylinders for every requirement with easy handling and optimal quality. The product is available in gas cylinders with innovative valves, in cylinder bundles and in a liquid supply form. Now newly added: the revolutionary Qlixbi gas supply system in the new gas cylinders. You can find more information at

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