O2 ≥ 99,998
ALPHAGAZ™, the easy-to-use solution for your analytical purposes - ALPHAGAZ™ 1 meets your analytical requirements ranging from% to ppm
Laboratory & Analytics: instrumentation gas, flame gas (FID), fuel gas (TOC), oxydizing agent Semiconductor industry: oxidation of silicon layers drinking water treatment


When is ALPHAGAZ™ 1 oxygen the right product for me?

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ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Oxygen (O2) has been designed as a standard gas for analysis in the laboratory and ensures the optimal functioning of the analysis equipment in order to always obtain reproducible analysis results. The maximum content of minor constituents is lower than required by most analyser manufacturers. Therefore ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Oxygen is ideal for most applications in laboratory analysis and process control. The demand-oriented cylinder sizes are available in two pressure levels. 

What are my advantages of ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Oxygen? 

Simpler Choice:

  • Laboratory gas for routine analysis in the % to ppm range 

  • Application-oriented selection of cylinder sizes (S10, L50, V12) in two pressure levels 

  • Cylinder park with special, colour-coded cylinders 

  • Suitable high purity gas fittings available

Quality you can depend on:

  • Low content of secondary components critical for standard analysis 

  • Product label documents quality (certificate of conformity)

  • Assured traceability via batch number

  • Long-term stability and gas purity ensured by special bottle pretreatment

Consistent, reliable service:

  • ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Oxygen is in stock and therefore always at the right place at the right time

  • Support from our Expertise Centre ­­– from quotation to delivery.

Properties and features of ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Oxygen

ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Oxygen (O2) is supplied throughout Germany in different cylinder sizes. Each cylinder is provided with a certificate of conformity in the form of a product label. 

Air Liquide's laboratories are certified to ISO 9001 and ensure the reproducible and traceable quality of our products. 

The high purity gas ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Oxygen is designed for use in analytical applications and therefore has maximum contents of essential impurities such as moisture and hydrocarbons. The shelf life is five years. 

ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Oxygen is a compressed colourless and odourless gas, which is heavier than air and supports combustion. 

Fields of application of ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Oxygen

Oxygen is an oxidising agent and is used as a fuel gas in routine analysis. Mainly ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Oxygen is used as flame gas in the flame ionisation detector (FID). Another application is the use as carrier gas in TOC analysis (determination of the total organic carbon content). 

In the semiconductor industry ALPHAGAZ™ 1 oxygen can be used for oxidation of silicon layers. 

Another application area of ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Oxygen is the oxidation of various molecules in the treatment of drinking water. 

Delivery forms from ALPHAGAZ™ 1 Oxygen

On request, Air Liquide supplies the high purity gas throughout Germany in gas cylinders of various sizes (10l, 50l) and in bundles (12x50l), in some cases in two pressure stages (200 and 300 bar).

ALPHAGAZ™ products are available worldwide.

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